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On the Home Page there are three modules that are specifically designed to be "quick search" arenas.  The Plant Atlas Search is the primary search module in which you might choose to search on Scientific Name, Common Name, Genus, Family, or County. The second module is the Specimen Search area, within which you might limit your searches to specimens from a particular herbarium in Kentucky or Tennessee.  The third module is one that you might use to Browse the Plant Atlas by Map.  M ore advanced browsing or searching might be performed through the pull down menus beneath the header bar.  For example, the Advanced Species Search will allow users to select come criteria with which they may limit their searches.  Conservation status, nativity, growth habit, and leaf arrangement are all criteria that may be used to limit searches as well as scientific name, state, or county.

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Fields within the Advanced Search section are searched upon using an AND relationship but will not be combined with "Quick Search" searches.