Contains 17 accepted taxa overall.

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Scientific NameCommon Name
Rubus allegheniensis Allegheny Blackberry
Rubus argutus Sawtooth Blackberry
Rubus betulifolius Sawtooth Blackberry
Rubus bifrons European Blackberry; Himalayan Berry
Rubus caesius European Dewberry
Rubus canadensis Smooth Blackberry
Rubus flagellaris Northern Dewberry
Rubus hispidus Bristly Dewberry
Rubus idaeus American Red Raspberry; Red Raspberry
Rubus illecebrosus Strawberry Raspberry
Rubus laciniatus Cutleaf Blackberry; Evergreen Blackberry
Rubus occidentalis Black Raspberry
Rubus odoratus Purpleflowering Raspberry
Rubus pensilvanicus Pennsylvania Blackberry
Rubus phoenicolasius Wine Raspberry; Wine Berry; Wineberry
Rubus serissimus Chesapeake Blackberry
Rubus trivialis Southern Dewberry