Contains 16 accepted taxa overall.

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Scientific NameCommon Name
Clematis catesbyana Satincurls
Clematis crispa Swamp Leather Flower
Clematis flaccida Vasevine
Clematis fremontii  
Clematis fremontii var. fremontii Fremonts Leather Flower
Clematis gattingeri Gattingers Leatherflower; Vasevine
Clematis glaucophylla Whiteleaf Leather Flower
Clematis morefieldii Morefields Leatherflower; Huntsville Vasevine
Clematis pitcheri  
Clematis pitcheri var. pitcheri Bluebill
Clematis reticulata Netleaf Leather Flower
Clematis terniflora Sweet Autumn Virginsbower; Sweet Autumn Clematis
Clematis versicolor Pale Leather Flower
Clematis vinacea Wine Colored Leather Flower
Clematis viorna Vasevine; Leatherflower
Clematis virginiana Devils Darning Needles