Contains 17 accepted taxa overall.

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Scientific NameCommon Name
Persicaria amphibia Water smartweed
Persicaria arifolia Halberdleaf Tearthumb
Persicaria careyi Careys Smartweed
Persicaria densiflora Denseflower Knotweed
Persicaria hydropiper Marshpepper Knotweed; Common Smartweed
Persicaria hydropiperoides Swamp Smartweed
Persicaria lapathifolia Curlytop Knotweed
Persicaria longiseta Oriental Ladys Thumb; Long Bristle Smartweed; Bristly Ladys Thumb
Persicaria maculosa Spotted Ladysthumb
Persicaria orientalis Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate
Persicaria pensylvanica Pennsylvania Smartweed
Persicaria perfoliata Asiatic Tearthumb; Mile-a-Minute Vine
Persicaria punctata Dotted Smartweed
Persicaria robustior Stout Smartweed
Persicaria sagittata Arrowleaf Tearthumb
Persicaria setacea Bog Smartweed
Persicaria virginiana Jumpseed