Contains 18 accepted taxa overall.

Common Name:CATCHFLY
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Scientific NameCommon Name
Silene antirrhina Sleepy Catchfly; Sleepy Silene
Silene caroliniana  
Silene caroliniana ssp. pensylvanica Pennsylvania Catchfly
Silene caroliniana ssp. wherryi Wherrys Catchfly
Silene csereii Balkan Catchfly
Silene dichotoma  
Silene dichotoma ssp. dichotoma Forked Catchfly
Silene latifolia Bladder Campion; White Campion
Silene nivea Evening Campion
Silene noctiflora Nightflowering Silene; Nightflowering Catchfly; Sticky Campion
Silene ovata Blue Ridge Catchfly
Silene regia Royal Catchfly
Silene rotundifolia Roundleaf Catchfly
Silene stellata Starry Catchfly; Widowsfrill
Silene virginica  
Silene virginica var. robusta Fire Pink
Silene virginica var. virginica Fire Pink
Silene vulgaris Maidenstears; Bladder Campion