Contains 11 accepted taxa overall.

Common Name:PACKERA
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Scientific NameCommon Name
Packera anonyma Smalls Ragwort
Packera aurea Golden Ragwort; Golden Groundsel
Packera crawfordii Golden Ragwort
Packera glabella Butterweed
Packera obovata Roundleaf Ragwort
Packera paupercula  
Packera paupercula DELETE Balsam Groundsel
Packera paupercula var. appalachiana Appalachian Ragwort; Appalachian Groundel
Packera paupercula var. paupercula Balsam Groundsel; Balsam Ragwort
Packera paupercula var. pseudotomentosa False Wooly Ragwort; Balsam Groundel
Packera schweinitziana Schweinitzs Ragwort